Holly Boss, MS, PT, Cert. MDT

Founder, Body In Motion Physical Therapy

Holly is a physical therapist and self-proclaimed science nerd who loves to apply her science to the human body to improve health and performance. As a youth, she pursued both sports and music performance. She worked as a scientist for Pfizer before pursing a graduate degree in physical therapy. Holly spent several years honing her orthopedic and sports medicine skills while cultivating her children’s interests in sports and performing arts, returning to her love for soccer as a youth coach.

Recognizing the lack of a cohesive approach for assessing and treating spine and extremity conditions, Holly obtained certification in Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy (MDT) in 2014. Her successful implementation of the McKenzie (MDT) Method kept her in high demand with both physician and word of mouth referrals.

Seeing clinics move toward volume-driven treatment models delivered by non-licensed/less skilled personnel to address the healthcare trends of decreased reimbursement and increased limitations on care imposed by insurance providers, Holly formed her own company, Body In Motion Physical Therapy in 2021. Her practice is built on 100% 1:1 care with a physical therapist and includes on-site, mobile, and telehealth physical therapy services in order to remove all barriers to needed treatment.

Holly believes that anyone who exercises and lives an active lifestyle is an athlete, and she loves helping individuals become the best possible versions of themselves. She knows that getting the right guidance from the right professional at the right time leads to the best outcomes.

In her spare time, Holly enjoys music performance, dancing, hiking, traveling, and running.