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WE’RE OPEN! Our new outpatient clinic, located at 1018 Mebane Oaks Rd, Mebane, NC is ready to serve you!

At Body In Motion, we strive to remove barriers to solving your problems.   That is why we provide high-quality 1:1 care from a highly-skilled, experienced physical therapist in a setting customized to your needs. Come work with us in our new outpatient clinic OR let us come to you to see you in your home/office. We also offer telehealth via an easy to use online platform.  Our approach will help you get out of pain, manage your own recovery, restore function, and achieve the best long-term outcomes.

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Martha Newport

For the last 5 years, when I’ve had an injury, Holly is my first call. It can be scary and frustrating when your body won’t cooperate with your day-to-day needs and goals, and I trust Holly to have my back (or elbow, or knees…) and get me back on track. She is knowledgeable, professional and kind. Before and after a knee surgery she was there for me between appointments too. I can’t recommend Holly enough and when my next injury shows up, she will undoubtedly be the first person I reach out to.


I woke up one day with a stiff neck/shoulder pain that wouldn’t loosen at all. I was even having trouble brushing my teeth or checking my blind spot while driving. I contacted Holly who was available for an afternoon appointment that same day where she was able to loosen my neck enough for everyday function. She assigned at home exercises to further loosen the targeted muscles. Her “homework” assignments were concise and provided options for modifying exercises based on what home spaces were available to me. A follow-up appointment with Holly a few days later resulted in a return of full range of motion. Holly is friendly, knowledgeable, and communicative, and I would highly recommend using her skillset to improve your wellbeing


I did something to my neck, either slept wrong or moved in a way that caused really severe pain just at the base of my head. It got to the point that I began having difficulty even moving my left arm and turning my head when driving. As many of us do, I reached out for suggestions on Facebook. I fully expected to get lots of recommendations for chiropractors, orthopedic specialists, or acupuncture. Holly commented on my post and recommended Physical Therapy. I had never even thought of that. I have had PT lots in the past after knee surgery but never imagined it for something like this. I made an appointment with Holly and started working with her regularly. Her ability to gently move and manipulate my head, shoulders, and arms was immediately relieving. She offered suggestions on my posture when sitting at work as well as additional exercises that I could be doing in between our sessions. She really cared for me as a whole person and made sure that every appointment was as productive as possible to maximize my relief quickly.

Ally (telehealth)

I’m a recreational tennis player and recently suffered an acute hamstring strain. Holly helped me rehab my injury by giving me helpful stretches and exercises using equipment I had already at home. She was easy to contact and very responsive.

How it Works

Transform your life through movement in this 3-step process.


We will discuss your personal goals and perform an assessment to identify root causes of your problem.


We will offer personalized solutions that empower you and help you get out of pain.


You will learn the tools that will keep you out of pain, moving better, and doing the things you love long-term.

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